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rockysmash: (cleaned up} i can be srs GDI)

Hold up, folks: Fido is gonna beat this level! YES!


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Name:Rock "Rocky" Devereaux
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
The Devereaux line can trace their heritage back to the ancestors of Lilith, nearly seven generations before she assumed the mantle of the Red Hood locked in a battle for her soul against the Wolf of legend. Descended from a sister of the Red Hood of that age, one who wished to know the passion of the beast and ran away to let the howling werewolf find her, Rock's family is filled with natural born wolves.

Bred from both the wolves of today and those of the Old Blood, wayward members of the Lacroix pack, the Devereauxs represent the missing link between yesterday and today: though incredibly powerful, they suffer far more from the modern weaknesses of wolves, and rely on tradition to keep their family strong. The Alpha has final say in all pack matters, shared equally by his mate, and is protected by the Betas of his pack.

Rock is unique in that he is the first true Beta to serve a pack in three generations. While subservient wolves are known as betas, the title of Beta can only be conferred upon one who is worthy to one day rise to Alpha status. Their primary function is that of enforcer, to do those unspeakable things the Alpha cannot, and to do them without question. Though the role of pack enforcer is looked on with disdain, and often delegated to those in disgrace, one who claims the title of Beta serves this role as a study in humility and service, that they may better understand the qualities a truly superior Alpha must possess.

Outwardly, Rock is not that man. Awkward, sarcastic, far too outspoken, he is an unhappy extrovert that can't seem to get out of his own way. He is most comfortable in a place where his mouth and his superior reflexes can best serve him: recording YouTube "Let's Play" videos, many of which have a cult following among the supernatural community as he allows himself to shift when frustrated or angered, or even wounded by a poignant game. Video games are his passion, his fan following is his greatest accomplishment, and an IndieGoGo run by his fans will see him attending the DAVE School in Florida next year to study video game design.

Beneath the surface, however, beats the heart of a werewolf, a beast with deadly hungers...and when they are turned to the responsibilities of his position, he well deserves the moniker he's earned of the Red Eye.

Because when Rock Devereaux sees red, the cause is always blood.
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